About CCTV

Home Invasion destroys your sense of privacy and leaves a lingering presence of disgust in what should be the one place in the world you can be completely comfortable. If this is a feeling you would prefer to avoid, then it’s time to invest in a fully functional camera system that not only scares criminals but proves their guilt.

If you want to gain a sense of greater control in your life, here is where you start:

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) systems can protect your property in case an intruder picks your house or business to burglarize. Closed Circuit means Only You have access to the footage your camera system provides.

Operating with CCTV systems, we at Home Security Store understand the convenience of owning a powerful camera system and that’s why we carry numerous options of camera systems.

2-camera systems, 16-camera systems, Digital Video Recorders that store footage for weeks, wireless cameras, cameras built with infrared, dome and bullet styled camera systems, smart phone monitoring, touchscreen television monitoring- our selection of kits will suit any circumstance of your protection and needs.

If you advertise that you have a home security system with 16 cameras to a friend or neighbor, watch how conscious they are on your property thereafter. If you’d prefer to keep your security system a secret, scroll through your footage at the end of the day and check out everything happening in your territory that you never imagined could.

Surveillance camera systems can be simple or elaborate, but ultimately they all serve the same purpose: You, your family and your employees’ safety and peace of mind.

Analog/IP - Cmount Camera

Analog/IP - Dome Camera

Speed Dome Camera




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