Automatic Tapes

About Automatic Tapes

How automatic Tap Works?

Sensor Tap mainly consists of - Solenoid valve, I/R Sensor, Power Adapter & Main Tap Body.

I/R Sensor

Sensor senses the presence of user’s hands in front of the tap and sends a signal to the solenoid valve to initiate the flow of water. Once object is no longer present, the I/R Sensor sends an electronic signal to the solenoid valve to stop the flow of water.

Solenoid Valves

It Transforms electrical/battery energy into motion, It starts & stops the water flow. 
Solenoid valve initiates water flow; Plunger is driven into the range of permanent magnet, which in turn holds the plunger in the "open" position. In order to return the plunger into its original "closed" position the solenoid is once again "pulsed" but this time by reversing polarity.

Power Adapter.

Most Auto Taps possibility to be powered by regular AA batteries (Alkaline) or by mains via a 6V transformer.

Solid Brass body

Main Tap Body delivers the water. We pay more attention to design and quality.

Design/ Specifications of all the products are imaginary and subject to change without any prior notice. Any Resemblance is coincident.