Fingerprint Lock

About Fingerprint Lock

Model : E10
Name : Fingerprint Lock
Specifications: Product Features:
Hidden lock hole,for mechanical key;
Sliding cover to wake up & protect the reader and
With passage mode;
with Emergency external power;
With tamper/low voltage alarm function;
Data record not be affected by interruption of power
Figerprint capacity: 100 fingerprints
Password: 1 groups, 6 digits/group
Reader Type: Optical sensor
FP image resolution: 500 dpi
Search time : <1s; Contrast: 1:N
FRR≤1%; FAR≤0.0001%
Power supply: 4 AA batteries
Emergence Power Supply: DC9V
Static power consumption: <30uA
Dynamic power consumption: <200 mA
Operating Temperature: -20℃~55℃


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