Time - Attendance System

About Time - Attendance System

Computer-linked Time and Attendance Systems provide an alternative to traditional mechanical time clock systems, or paper-based timesheets.

 The recorded data is regularly transferred to a PC running a Time and Attendance Software application, typically at the end of a payroll period but sometimes every day. The software creates Time Sheets for all registered Employees and automatically updates them regularly with new clocking-in data transferred from the Time System

Time and Attendance Systems protect a company from potential payroll fraud, provides secure electronic data and gives employees confidence in the accuracy & timeliness of salary payments. Time and Attendance Systems also allow the tracking and evaluation of performance and work attendance of employees when combined with an appropriate software application.

The software application enables the storage, tracking and organization of the most important Employee time related information in one place. Everything required to track and monitor Employee direct labour  costs can be made available on a computer. The hardware and software items make up a complete Time and Attendance System.

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