Access Control System

About Access Control System

A lock. For most, it’s the only thing keeping you safe from criminals. Is it strong enough? Does it make you feel secure about your family, property or possessions? If a lock is all you choose to use, then at least make sure it is the strongest lock imaginable. Home Security Store has the strength you’re looking for.

Ever watch a movie set in the future where characters open doors with their fingerprint or just swipe their hand across an access point? These access controls aren’t imaginary anymore- we sell them, and we sell them with either intrepid or more cautious features. Biometric readers do away with keys and guarantee that only you can get in or out of home or business.

Has an aged key lock let you down before, or does it get annoying to change them constantly because of disturbances? With our keyless entry items, you’ll never have to replace a door lock- simply change the passcode and/or install a digital deadbolt that refuses to let burglars into your private sanctuary.

Built for indoor and outdoor use, our keypads and readers are less-adventurous, but still effective systems of protection. We stock keypads without handles, magnetic locks, Anti-vandal keypads and pressure sense bars that put you one step ahead of an intruder.

It’s widely believed that the bigger the better, but at Home Security Store we believe a Home Security system, like a book or song, will find its match with its owner. It’s not a question of big or small, it’s what makes you feel safe and protected, even if it’s just a stronger access control system.

Design/ Specifications of all the products are imaginary and subject to change without any prior notice. Any Resemblance is coincident.