CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) systems can protect your property in case an intruder picks your house or business to burglarize. Closed Circuit means Only You have access to the footage your camera system provides.

Time - Attendance System

Time and Attendance Systems protect a company from potential payroll fraud, provides secure electronic data and gives employees confidence in the accuracy & timeliness of salary payments. Time and Attendance Systems also allow the tracking and evaluation of performance and work attendance of employees when combined with an appropriate software application.

Access Control System

Built for indoor and outdoor use, our keypads and readers are less-adventurous, but still effective systems of protection. We stock keypads without handles, magnetic locks, Anti-vandal keypads and pressure sense bars that put you one step ahead of an intruder.

Public Address System

PA system, is an electronic amplification system used to get sound from the performer(s) to the audience. The “PA” stands for “public address.” In choosing the right PA one should think about the size of the audience, whether you will be playing indoor or outdoor venues.

Wireless Burglar System

One of the most popular do-it-yourself home security solutions is the installation of a wireless alarm system. Affordable and easy to install, wireless systems are highly recommended to anyone who wants to avoid drilling into walls or who wants to bypass complicated wiring instructions without compromising security. We are pleased to offer a vast array of wireless alarm systems-- among the most popular being Texecom, Honeywell, DSC,Tyco, Secorico, Zycom and Visonic.

Video Door Phones

Video Door phone systems perform a simple but important function. Door phones allow one to communicate safely with visitors without any need for physical interaction with them. By installing a door phone system you will increase not only your home security, but also the convenience of managing daily household chores.

Automatic Sliding Doors

Every homeowner should have the ability to remotely control a home’s garage door. Not only is this a matter of convenience, but also of security. Whether your current remote system is ready for an upgrade or whether you are installing a new control for the first time, Home Security Store is your one-stop-shop.

Automatic Gates

We present automatic sliding gate systems that can be obtained in all forms. These products are all supplied and installed to the highest standards and in accordance with clients' specifications.

Automatic Tapes


Automatic Boom Barriers

Barriers may be changed to accommodate right or left hand operation. They can be stopped at any angle between 0 and 90 degrees. Can be operated using a remote control or at the press of a button provided in the control station. Quick release disengaging mechanism enables changeover to manual operation in case of power failure.

Card & Digital Lock

Fingerprint Lock